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Wills Attorney In Tulsa

Do I need a Will?

You can protect your family and your property by creating a will.  If you happen to die in the absence of a will, your property will be distributed based on Oklahoma’s intestacy laws, which give your property to your relatives based on how close they are in relation to you, and not on how close they were to you in life.

Your last will and testament is your opportunity to ensure that your property is accurately distributed to the beneficiaries you have selected.   What many people do not know is that it also allows you to name the guardian of your children instead of leaving it up to the court.

Wills can be created for the following purposes:

  • Leave your property to individuals or organizations

  • Name a personal guardian for your children's care

  • Name an executor to carry out the wishes of your will

  • Name a trusted person to manage property for a minor children

Can't I just do it myself?

When you create a Will it is important to make sure it is part of a cohesive Estate Plan.  A Will may be all you need, but it is important to explore all of the options and to insure that you and your family’s needs are met.  Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side will give you peace of mind and ensure the effectiveness of your Will.  Our goal is to make the process easier and educate the client in a plainspoken manner.

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What type of will do you need for your estate?

The attorney’s at Boeheim Freeman Law will help walk you through the questions you need to ask in order to determine the complexity of your Estate Plan.  You may only need a simple Will, but it is also possible that something a bit more complete is what you will need to provide your family the protection they deserve.  Whether it is a simple will, or a complex Will with testamentary trusts and special provisions that address your estate planning goals, Boeheim Freeman Law will work hard to make certain there will be a smooth and efficient probate of your assets.

Start Planning for Your Future Today

As you pursue the establishment of a will, Boeheim Freeman Law can be your guide through the process.  We are dedicated to providing the personal representation you need. We also handle

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