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The State of Oklahoma supports a father’s right to custody and visitation, but only if you assert those rights in Court:

Title 43 O.S. §110.1 says that:

  • Minor children have frequent and continuing contact with parents who have shown the ability to act in the best interests of their children, and

  • To encourage parents to share in the rights and responsibilities of rearing their children after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage.

Paternity is established by:

  • Marriage - a married man is the legal father of any child born to his wife, or an unmarried man later marries the child’s mother.  

  • Relationship with the newborn child - a man lives with the child and holds the child out to be his own for the first two years of the child’s life. 

  • Acknowledgment of Paternity - a legal document signed by the mother and a man acknowledging that the man is the father of the child.

  • DNA test - establishes who the natural father is of a child. 

  • DHS Child Support Services case - establishes who the legal father is of the child for purposes of child support and custody.  

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma through caselaw says that:

  • That a father’s request for custody and visitation is supported by recent studies indicating that “the best alternative for a child in a post-divorce situation is to be able to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents.”

  • “Seeking to minimize the effects of the trauma of divorce and to heighten the child’s chances for a happy and psychologically healthy childhood is clearly a path which the court may consider to advance those interests.”

  • The court supported the joint custody scheme stating it allowed the child to fully develop relationships with both parents while at a young and impressionable stage, and that the order was supported by evidence showing that the development of such relationships is to the benefit of the child.

Research shows that Fathers are a Powerful influence

“Children are not only deeply pained by their father’s absence but they interpret it as abandonment; as a consequence, they feel devalued and guilty.”

“Those children who fared best after the divorce were those who were free to develop loving and full relationships with both parents.”

“Children who saw their fathers very frequently-and for some real length of time-were all satisfied with the new family arrangement.”

“There is a powerful influence of a father’s love on children’s and young adults social, emotional, and cognitive development and functioning.”

“The love of a father may affect offspring development at all ages from infancy through at least young adulthood.”

Advocating for the Rights of Fathers

The Family Law Attorneys at Boeheim Freeman Law, feel that the best interest of the minor child in most important thing. The close bond with a mother and father has been found to create the greatest stability for a child given both parents are fit. This means that fathers should have equal rights to custody and visitation, and Boeheim Freeman Law will aggressively advocate for those rights.

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WHen you need to insure your child’s future Contact our aggressive, Experienced, Compassionate attorneys at Boeheim Freeman Law.

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