Expungement Attorney in Tulsa

An expungement is a wonderful thing that can save you a lot of heart-ache. Throughout a criminal proceeding different agencies collect records regarding the arrest and prosecution of the case. In Oklahoma there are several types of expungements and the type of expungement will determine which agency records are sealed. Some records, like those of the District Attorney, are not accessible to the public and cannot be expunged. But some records, like the court records and OSBI records, are accessible to the public and can be subject to an order of expungement.

How do I get an expungement?

If you successfully complete a deferred sentence, the judge will order the court record to be expunged, which is fantastic, but you still have to go through a separate process to expunge and seal the OSBI record. Usually this involves waiting a year after the sentence was completed and not have any additional violations of the law.

There are additional criteria that have to be met in order to expunge a conviction. These vary on a case to case basis. To find out more information, call one of our attorneys for a free consultation!