Still Not Sure, Listen to What Our Clients Say About Us...


"I have never had a lawyer work so hard to get me a fair shake.  Ciera argued and argued, and now I am otu of jail and able to be with my family again.  Thanks!" T.W. - 10/31/17


" I love you guys.  You saved my life!" N.B. - 10/30/17


"Just Wanted you to know that you are the best!  Thanks for all you have done.  I know you go hard for your people.  you know you are part of my family now.  LOL!  You and your firm rock!I love you Brian and I thank you!"  A.R. - 10/10/17


"Everyone told me to take the deal.  The DA's Only offer was 10 years.  Brian and Ciera were the only ones who fought for me.  We went to trial and the jury found me not guilty.  Thank God I found them."


you "Thank you for believing in me and fighting for me when even my family gave up." L.H.


"Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to my husband and I. Understaning what was happening made it so much easier to deal with." R.L.


"I would have been in prison if it wasn't for Brian and Ciera.  I have never had an attorney fight for me like they did."  T.W.


"Not only were they FEROCIOUS in court, but they treated me and my family with kindness and respect."  S.N.


"My family has had a lot of attorneys, but nonE have ever fought harder or been such fierce advocates in the courtroom as these two."  D.A.


"They know the law, and they aren't afraid of hearings or trial.  They got me a very good offer, but I turned it down and said i wanted to go to trial.  They didn't argue with me like my last attorney.  Ciera and Brian simply explained the risks and when i told them i was sure about going to trial, they went ahead and fought harder than any attorneys I have ever seen.  The end result was a not Guilty!"  D.T.