Mediation 101

Contrary to how mediation is portrayed in the media, you won’t actually be in the same room with your spouse. You and your attorney will be in one room, and your spouse and their attorney will be in another and the mediator will communicate back and forth with the parties. This allows both parties to have private conversations with their attorneys and to prevent unnecessary conflicts and confrontations.

Whatever your circumstance, you deserve a loyal and trustworthy advocate. It is important that you sit down with your attorney and discuss thoroughly the options that you have and the things that really matter to you. We will help you figure things out. We are good at asking questions, and we are good at getting results. Call us today.


There are a lot of moving parts and it can be very difficult to navigate. This is where experience and compassion matter. Boeheim Freeman Law is committed to helping you through this process and providing you with the best legal representation and counsel. Why hire an attorney, when you can hire a team?

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