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Experienced Tulsa Attorneys:

Aggressive - Experienced - Compassionate

When you need an attorney why not hire a team? Boeheim Freeman Law has attorneys that are experienced in felonies, misdemeanors, municipal, DUI, divorce, child custody, child support, DHS, Wills, and Trusts.

Brian J. Boeheim

Hardest Working Tulsa Attorney

Brian believes the Bill of Rights is not just a document, but a negotiated agreement between you and your government. He has a reputation for tirelessly working to provide every client with the best representation possible. Brian is the perfect blend of intellectual creativity and blue collar work ethic.

Experienced Tulsa Attorney

In 2015, Mr. Boeheim handled over 200 cases with over 30 dismissals and 5 trial victories.  In 2016, Mr. Boeheim once again handled over 200 cases with over 45 dismissals.  In 2017, he was able to argue a 4th amendment victory and have his client's Aggravated Drug Trafficking case dismissed. He also won a NGRI (not guilty by reason of insanity) for a young mother with postpartum psychosis. In 2018, Mr. Boeheim got a not guilty in a First Degree Murder Trial based on a defense of self-defense. He also successfully defended clients in trials including Felony Murder, Armed Robbery, Sexual assault, Child Abuse, and Child Neglect.


Ciera N. Freeman

Effective Tulsa Attorney

Ciera became an attorney in order to provide people who are hopelessly lost in the maze of the legal system with a glimmer of hope. She is known for never ever giving up, and Ciera also believes that an attorney has an obligation to keep their clients informed. Ciera is the perfect blend of passion for justice and compassion for those in need.

Experienced Tulsa Attorney

In 2015, Ms. Freeman handled over 230 cases, with over 60 dismissals and 2 Trial Victories.  She also acted as a Jury Consultant picking juries for 3 Seperate Trial Victories.  In 2016, Ms. Freeman once again handled over 200 cases, with over 45 dismissals.  In 2016, she successfully took 5 cases to trial including cases of Armed Robbery, Child Abuse, and Child Neglect. In 2017, she handled over 250 cases, with just over 20% dismissed before trial. In 2018, she got a not guilty in a Murder Trial.


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Tracey E. Persons

Aggressive Tulsa Attorney

Tracey has been an attorney for over 20 years.  Her time as a Prosecutor gives her the unique ability to know what the other side is thinking.  She uses this to create positive outcomes for her clients charged with DUI/DWI/APC, Misdemeanors, or Municipal charges.  Tracey loves to fight and hates to lose.

Experienced Tulsa Attorney

Since joining Boeheim Freeman Law in late September of 2016, Ms. Persons has handled over 250 clients with over a 20% dismissal rate. She is especially proud of forcing the prosecutors to put up or shut up. This fall she had 2 cases dismissed on the first day of trial. Most recently she has won several DPS hearings allowing hard working clients to keep their licenses and their livelihoods.



Kristine D. Bridges

Experienced Family and Juvenile Tulsa Attorney

Boeheim Freeman Law is proud to add the experience of this 14 year veteran.  Kristine has been a tireless advocate for Parental Rights and Child Protection Issues in Tulsa.  After building a thriving practice in Dallas, Texas; Kristine came to the University of Tulsa College of Law where she taught Civil Procedure and was the Associate Dean and Director of Professional Development for over 5 years.  In 2015, she stepped up to be the Executive Director of Tulsa County Child Protection Coalition and then the Executive Director of The Parent Child Center of Tulsa, Inc.  Kristine's passion for litigation and the courtroom has brought her back to private practice.

Successful Tulsa Attorney

Kristine will be taking over as the Director of Family and Juvenile Law for Boeheim Freeman Law.   Her perfect balance of fierce litigator and compassionate counselor makes her a perfect fit for Boeheim Freeman Law. In 2018, she brought visitation back to fathers who have not seen their children in months and in one case over a year. She has also handled over 15 DHS cases where the State was attempting to deprive parents of their rights.

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Casey R. Johnson

Family Law Tulsa Attorney

Boeheim Freeman Law is excited to add Casey Johnson to our Family Law Division. Casey comes to us after winning awards for her work and research at Tulsa College of Law.

Casey has already finalized her first divorce and tirelessly worked to get visitation back for a mother of two young children.