What does the law say?

Maiming is defined as a premeditated design to injure another, inflict upon a person any injury which disfigures his personal appearance or disables any member or organ of his body or seriously diminishes his physical vigor.

There are various ways that the State can be more specific with the charge. For instance, a person can be charged with maiming themselves, or they can specify that a tool or instrument was used to cause the injuries, or if the injuries disable or disfigure.

What can be done?

This offense has very serious consequences in Oklahoma law. It is a felony that can carry up tp life in prison. This is why you should always take criminal charges seriously. Seek out the best attorney who can put up a zealous defense and protect your future. Call us today!

Legal Concerns?

Stay safe and stay silent. Don’t make a statement to police. You have the right to defense and you should always take full advantage of that right. Even with the best intentions and honesty, your words can still be used against you. Without proper representation, the State can set you up for failure that could cause lots of inconvenience and unnecessary aggravation. Let us set you up for success!

If you are accused of maiming, be sure to contact the aggressive and compassionate attorneys at Boeheim Freeman Law, who will fight for you and your rights!

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Litigation Expertise

The best criminal lawyers will tear apart the credibility and reliability of the State’s witnesses. We investigate thoroughly any motivation that a witness might have to lie or deceive. Our attorneys are well trained in cross-examination techniques and can expertly maneuver around a witness and trap them in their lies and misconceptions. We will get the truth and vigorously defend you. You need an attorney who not only knows the law, but knows how to argue it effectively.  Let Boeheim Freeman Law’s expertise and training go to work for you.

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